greenWavelength Core Team

the fearless leader: Sabri Sansoy
A true rocket scientist, Sabri graduated from MIT with his Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics and went on to spend ten years working on high profile aerospace projects. He is committed to clean energy, inspired by everything from bumblebees to tumbleweeds, and devoting his passion and expertise to finding solutions to our clean energy conundrums.

the courageous controller: Patrick Zeller
A lawyer and finance expert, Patrick lets others think about hummingbird flight, while he keeps his eye on sustainable financial gains. He has extensive experience across diverse industries using his analytical and problem solving skills to reduce costs, improve cash flow and favorably impact the bottom line.

the product designer: Fred Leveau
An expert at translating consumer insights into innovative products, services and experiences for clients across the globe, Fred works between many design disciplines, including experience, interaction, product, graphics, digital media, and research.

the super glue: Greg Maloney
An operations expert, Greg has a degree in engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Northern Illinois University. He has 19 years of experience in the aerospace, consulting and communications industries bringing structure, discipline, and process to organizations in order to keep everything running smoothly and in concert.

the perfect prototyper: Chuck Pitzer
A professionally licensed engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Materials Science, Chuck has spent years developing his skillset to help small companies develop successful products through simulation and rapid prototyping. His happy clients have included Boeing, Raytheon, Trane, and, of course, greenWavelength.